Arizona Escapades

Arizona is part of the wild west and offers escapades in the desert, city, and mountain tops. Family fun in Arizona ranges from camping, hiking, dusty outings, hot air balloon chases to urban explorations.

There are lots of family fun in Arizona but it is often hard to find the information you need or want to venture out. The information is out there but it is in bits and pieces across various resources. 

My goal here is to provide you with the information you need to get your family out exploring and playing in Arizona. Family escapades are listed below by the regions of Arizona.  

North Central

This region is also known as Grand Canyon, Indian Country, and Central Territory areas. The area includes the Grand Canyon, Indian reservations, Mojave desert, canyon lands, and red-rock canyon country. Recreation areas include Glen Canyon, Lake Mead, and Flagstaff.


This is Phoenix and the surrounding area which includes a variety of opportunities for family fun and explorations. Everything from urban explorations to escaping the city sights.

Picacho Peak Scramble

Chandler Municipal Airport Escapade

White Mountains

Also known as High Country this is a great area to escape the desert heat and visit some of the highest peaks in Arizona. Wilderness adventures range from camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, and much more.

North and South Western

Also, known as the West Coast region this region borders California. This area includes Yuma and the Colorado River.

South Eastern

The Old West area of Arizona provides that wild west experience many people like to experience while visiting or living in Arizona. There are lots of national and state parks along with the Sonoran Desert providing many opportunities for adventure.

Cowboy Steaks and Trail Dust Town

Serene Hiking in Catalina Foothills

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